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March 30, 2014
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September 15, 2014

The lastest on risks from social media in Episode 34 of the Social Media Security Podcast

f you want to keep up on the latest news regarding risks from using social media, check out the Social Media Security Podcast. Tom Eston and I have recently published Episode 34, but many of these discussions are timeless. We post the audio as well as the show notes at: https://www.socialmediasecurity.com or you can subscribe in iTunes and automatically have the latest episodes downloaded to your PC or mobile device.

  1. Among the latest stories we cover is one about how private your Facebook friends list is. Many people choose to only let their friends see who their other friends are; or even block anyone from seeing who they are friends with. But there was a recently demonstrated method for whittling away at a person’s private friends list. We talk about that in Episode 34, along with some other news about Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

So, please check it out. You can also Like our Social Media Security page on Facebook.

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