Security Awareness Education Programs

Tailor security awareness content to your organization’s unique needs.

Businesses of all sizes, and in almost every industry are now starting to realize that a key component in safeguarding their sensitive corporate information is an informed workforce. Whether it’s because of industry regulations, corporate policies, data breach response or proactive risk management, managers are looking for cost-effective ways to become compliant with standards and/or manage the risks from employee decisions on handling information. Every team has a different culture, terminologies and risk dynamics, which means that the limited time available for training consumption by staff should be tailored to provide the greatest value to the organization.

Live Training Sessions engage and entertain

Whether it’s at a meeting or event, or in a webinar format for a geographically dispersed audience, a live session will focus attention on current issues, and provide valuable opportunities for Q&A. Click here to learn more about our live security awareness training sessions.

Computer-Based Training Solutions

Security Perspectives Inc. offers tailored security awareness education programs ranging from live events to webinars, videos and computer-based training (CBT) tools.

Below are a number of popular CBT packages that provide consistent delivery of security guidance to staff within our online training and assessment framework. These packages are available either for internal deployment on your organization’s Intranet, or for easy, IT-free operation in our hosting environment with an annual subscription.

What you’re looking for…

Our recommended solutions…

Basic guidance on information security threats and defences
Streetwise Security Awareness CBT for Employees – Guidance Package (Click to obtain basic pricing info) – from $35/employee/year – Min $4500
Basic guidance, plus auditable assessment quizzes
Streetwise Security Awareness CBT for Employees – Assurance Package (Click to obtain basic pricing info) – MOST POPULAR from $135/employee/year – Min $8500yr
Custom designed security awareness education and assessment, based on the Assurance Package Framework.
Streetwise Security Awareness CBT for Employees – Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Package (Pricing will be quoted based on customization requirements following consultation)

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