…But our iOS passwords go to 'Eleven'
February 28, 2016
Try using due diligence risk to justify security
February 29, 2016

Remind yourself how smart thieves are

These stories about how thieves have used GPS, texting and our lax security habits have been circulating in insurance newsletters and blogs for a while. But when I was forwarded a list by a friend recently, I thought it would be good to highlight them for you.

Garage Door Openers

Thieves know that many of us have garage door openers in our cars. If they knew where you lived, they could steal the car, or just smash the window, go to your home, open the garage door, and then close it while they break into your home from inside the garage. This happened to a neighbor of mine several years ago. Nobody in the neighborhood noticed.

Texting From Stolen  Mobile Phones to Trick You Into Giving PINS or Passwords, or Even Leaving Your Home

When texting, we often assume the person we’re texting with is the person who owns the phone. But if they lose the phone (and don’t have a password on it), thieves can come up with some creative ways to rob you.

GPS Trick to Find Your Home

Portable GPS units are often stuck to the front windshield of cars. Thieves know we often program a “Home” location into them (and probably into our smartphones). If they break in, they can locate your home with one or two clicks.

There’s probably a scam somewhere that has used all three of these techniques in clever ways. But here’s a site that collated the descriptions of several of these types of thieves’ common tactics:


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