Professional Speaking

Engage, entertain and inform attendees about security at your next event.

Scott Wright, the president of Security Perspectives Inc. has over 15 years of experience helping public and private sector clients securing their information and systems. This experience, along with his active participation in the information security community as a blogger, podcaster and presenter also makes him an accomplished professional speaker and thought leader.

Scott is available to speak at industry association conferences and corporate events on many different topics, including, but not limited to, the Honey Stick Project, Assessing and Managing Risk, Social Engineering and Social Media Security.

  • “I *really* liked this one. I think that sometimes people don’t realize how much they are giving away, and I have to say after all the examples he gave that I might (occassionally) be one of them. Again, I wish all IT people could attend this talk…"
  • “I really liked this workshop the best, the presenter was amazing.”
  • “This was excellent, because the facilitator was very knowledgeable, a real expert.”
  • “I liked all of the information provided by the presenter about protecting yourself on the internet, because the information can be related not only to home security, but also within work. Valuable information that can be passed on to clients.”
  • “A lot of amazing information, I kept wanting to ask more and more questions, because the presenter made it very interesting.”



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