Being Proactive is Best. But Sometimes That’s a Luxury You Don’t Have

Being Proactive on Security Awareness

How vulnerable are you?

The best way to start building a security awareness program (if you have time) is to take some measurements to find out where your organization is right now. How well do employees understand the threats they may face, the safeguards they should use, or the vulnerabilities they may be causing?

Security Perspectives can help you tailor an assessment initiative that will tell you what you want to know. It can range from a simple compliance checklist, to an innovative test of “attack resistance” that uses techniques similar to the Honey Stick Project.

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Don’t have time to be proactive?

Start building a program with what you need now, and strengthen it when you can

Whether you’re trying to address the findings of an audit, or have had a serious incident, the most important thing for you right now is to get something in place that can start correcting employee behavior to address the highest priority risks. But you don’t want to waste money. So, starting with a basic foundation that can be changed later provides a quick response (to show that you’re taking action), but also flexibility to build a relevant, engaging program that provides ongoing value, right from the start.

Click HERE to learn more about Security Perspectives tailorable Computer Based Training programs for employee security awareness, which can evolve from a fast, “off-the-shelf” implementation to a fully evolved and customized foundation for your Dream Team’s culture of security.

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