Automated Phishing Assessments

When it comes to security awareness education, one of the most important teachable moments is that instant when an employee clicks on a link or attachment in a suspicious email. Phishing assessments leverage those teachable moments by automatically sending simulated phishing emails to every employee, and giving them (and the business) immediate feedback on how well they are handing phishing risks.

Security Perspectives Inc. uses its extensive experience in planning, executing and reporting on human vulnerability tests, in combination with specialized assessment and training tools to create tailored phishing assessment programs. Using this type of assessment framework, you can have phishing assessments unique to your organization run on a periodic basis (e.g. monthly, quarterly, or annually). This approach results in a very powerful and cost-effective way to implement, monitor and fine-tune a robust security awareness program.

We can provide you with a FREE phishing assessment demonstration, to obtain a baseline phish-prone vulnerability level. Then, Security Perspectives can manage the planning, tailoring, implementation and monitoring of your phishing assessment and security awareness education program in a secure, hosted environment that requires minimal effort from your IT Security team.

Pricing for annual managed phishing assessments (12 campaigns) starts at $8500 for 100 users per year (plus one-time $7500 setup cost).

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phishing on a mobile device
Keep an eye on how well employees handle phishing risks, while providing them with a “teachable moment” if they click when they shouldn’t.

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