The Next Generation of Phishing Assessments

When it comes to security awareness education, businesses are falling far behind the cybercriminals who can quickly change their attacks, while end-users are ill-equipped to respond.

Something has to change, as cybercrime hits $6Trillion per year, and over 90% of security breaches involve poor employee decisions.

If you're using traditional Computer-Based Training (CBT) or even live training, you need to act now. Even if you are using "live phishing simulations", you are not getting the most value from your awareness program. It won't be long before somebody clicks on a link or falls for a Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam.

While live phishing simulations seem like a good idea for providing vulnerability metrics and a teachable moment for end-users, the truth is, this is still not enough.

Why Gamified Learning is Better for Assessing and Addressing Phishing or any Cyber Security Risks

Security Perspectives Inc. has a long history of helping business teams understand and avoid cyber security risks, and has recognized that awareness training is much different than any other kind of training. End-users feel:

  • they won't be targeted
  • they weren't hired to know this stuff
  • they don't have time for this kind of training
  • the training is too vague, too technical or irrelevant

So, the best way to align business goals (having a security culture where everyone makes security part of their job) with end-user motivations is through "gamification". That's why we are 100% aligned with Click Armor's gamified learning platform for any kind of awareness training. It's a fully gamified platform that has dynamic, visual and interactive challenges for learning and assessment.

You can learn about it through us, or go directly to to learn why you need to start using gamified cyber security awareness training and assessment. You'll get more immediate, measurable results, and you'll be ahead of everyone using traditional awareness training.

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