Streetwise Security Tip: Don't forget to back up your smartphone data
February 28, 2016
Data Breach Story: Hospital pays $17,000 in ransom to recover patient data
February 28, 2016

Media news stories featuring comments From Scott

This month there were a couple of news stories that highlighted privacy risks to consumers. It’s fun to do these interviews, but sometimes frustrating when the final story comes out and doesn’t include comments I made that I feel are important.

The one thing these reporters never seem to include is my comment to them at the end of our conversation, when I say something like: “I believe that, in many cases these new technologies will make our lives better, but we all need to be aware of the risks, and keep them in mind when we decide what products and services we use, or what we share online.”

Privacy risks with smart devices

Privacy risks with Dr. Oz’s “” despite the new partnership with Blackberry

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