Putting all your eggs in one basket with a password manager
January 27, 2016
Highlighting privacy risks from connected devices – Is it FUD?
February 8, 2016

Malicious apps inflate each others' ratings… and other security stories (Streetwise Security News Issue #17)

Issue #17 of the Streetwise Security News contains the following stories:

Feature Story: Malicious apps can inflate each others’ ratings…
Terminology: “Responsible Disclosure”
From Scott’s Blog: Putting all your eggs in one basket with a password manager
Shared Security: Why it’s important for a wireless home security system to “fail” properly – Streetwise Security Tip: Avoid participating in Facebook quizzes to stay off “sucker lists”
A Cyber-Crime story: Is it Crime or is it Cyber-Crime? And can it be covered by insurance?

Each month  publish an issue of the Streetwise Security News with stories for you to share with everybody. I hope this lets you start a good conversation about security, or at least just keep up to date on current threats and risks you should be learning how to face on a daily basis.

I also maintain an archive of past issues of the SSN for you to read.

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