Live Security Awareness Training

Sometimes live training makes the most sense. It lets you give large numbers of employees immediate guidance on how to recognize and respond to information security risks.

Live training is available, on-site, starting from $1500 (not including Travel and Living for the instructor). This type of session can train as many people as you can fit into the meeting room or auditorium.

In live security awareness sessions, we start with some basic responsibilities of employees and the organization, as well as risk terminology. Then, we spend time on the major threats in the context that an employee would see them. Finally, we review the best-practices for addressing the most common risks. There’s ample time for questions and stories to be shared in a 1.5 to 2.5 hour session. The session length depends on how many questions are asked and how much discussion is generated. You can use up to 1/2 day of time for any combination of presentations or consulting.

Tailoring Options

As with the Streetwise Security Awareness CBT’s, our live training sessions can be tailored to address your industry terminology, internal policies and major security risks of concern to management. We can work in vendor product names that are familiar to employees. Tailoring costs depend on the amount of effort required.

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