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Consultants and entrepreneurs can bring new value to clients through Streetwise Security Workshops

Consultants and entrepreneurs are in an interesting position, when it comes to information security. They have exposure to multiple clients, which brings some opportunities and challenges. The challenges are easy to identify, such as protecting client data. However, I see a real opportunity for these kinds of business professionals to bring new value to their clients – through security awareness and model security practices.

Last October, for National Cyber Security Awareness Month, I decided to host a workshop for Security Managers. In that session, we discussed a number of case studies and approaches to educating corporate staff on security awareness, including the Honey Stick Project, as well as recent security incidents in the news. The session was business-oriented, rather than technical, with a focus on the challenges of communicating at all levels in the organization.

The first workshop was so well received that I held another one in June of 2014, where we discussed the recent Heartbleed vulnerability, as well as the fascinating new trend of corporate phishing assessments and a number of security culture issues. (I’ll be holding another one again in October of this year.) Along the way, a number of consultants have also expressed an interest in collaborating in-person to share and learn about timely security issues in the news.

As a result, I’m planning a morning event on September 23, 2014, called the Streetwise Security Workshop for Consultants. It’s a unique, interactive session, designed for consultants of all types, and will highlight the available opportunities and techniques for consultants who want to bring new value to their clients and prospects.

It will utilize recent high-profile security incidents in the news, and foster discussion at at high level to identify simple methods of communicating the issues to clients. I’m really trying to create a fun way of connecting all types of consultants with the security community.

The support I’ve received for this idea, from both consultants and security managers, has been excellent. They say things like:

“This could be an important new way to bring security into the business community”,


“We need everyone to see a common perspective on security issues, and educating consultants on the big picture lets them cross-pollinate good security practices and lessons learned across clients.” 

Please visit the event registration site to learn more about the upcoming event in Ottawa on Sept. 23, 2014. If you aren’t in Ottawa, but are interested in the idea of putting on such a workshop, please contact me.

Here’s the site:

I hope to see you there!

Scott Wright

The Streetwise Security Coach

Phone: 1-613-693-0997

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