About Scott Wright and Security Perspectives Inc.

I am a cyber security coach, consultant, blogger, podcaster and researcher who helps teams in managing the risks from employees using the Internet. My primary focus is on engaging and educating employees to understand the information security risks inherent in their jobs.

I believe that, while an organization’s technical safeguards should allow people to do their jobs without having to think about security, the reality is that we still need people to make important risk decisions every day. I enjoy listening to each client’s unique perspective regarding what’s important to them, and what risks concern them. This lets me suggest an approach and structure for efficiently educating their staff on how to do their jobs securely.

In 2008, I created the Honey Stick Project, which is an ongoing series of experiments to gather information and illustrate information security risks from human decisions. With the help of Symantec, I have dropped a lot of unsecured smartphones around the western hemisphere, watching to see what the opportunistic threats are to your phone if you lose it, and don’t have a password on it.

To date, I have worked with many public and private sector organizations in Canada, the USA and Europe, to create tailored security awareness workshops, training programs, webinars and computer-based tools. The most frequent comment I receive in feedback are that my ability to interpret the organization’s risk areas and to tailor an education program to their needs are what makes my approach so valuable.

Prior to 2003, when I started Security Perspectives, my security consulting business, I worked for several years as a software product manager at the security vendor Entrust, as well as a number of other high tech companies. I received my BASc (1980) from the University of Waterloo, and my MBA (1990) from the University of Ottawa. This mix of technical and business experience and education is what I think make me very easy to work with on projects where non-technical people need to understand the risks from using technological products. In addition to family, my personal interests include sailing, golf, music, business, technology and travel.

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