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March 30, 2014

A step in the right direction during National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Here’s something meaningful we can all do to improve security awareness in our organizations. As your management to sit down for an hour or two and talk about security risks in your organization, and how they can be addressed. Then, ask them what can be done to commit to a security awareness goal for the next year.

Maybe it’s getting a commitment to support monthly walk-around security inspections, and publishing a summary report to staff.This activity is not very onerous for managers, if it’s scheduled occasionally. And it can begin to gather data about awareness that you can use in meetings, seminars and publications.

Or maybe it’s a matter of sitting down to compare training budgets for general employee development to what has been spent in the past on security awareness training and education (usually very little, in comparison); and then getting a commitment to some percentage of budget relative to those of other areas.

There are many other creative ways you can get managers and executives to recognize risks, and to agree that some time spent on security planning, budgets and commitments for ongoing security awareness initiatives is worthwhile. One way to do this is to encourage them to attend a security awareness event themselves.

For my associates living in Ottawa, I’m hosting a Streetwise Security Awareness Executive Breakfast on October 8, 2013. This event is targeted specifically at CIO’s, CISO’s and managers with security responsibilities. I’m trying to keep the attendee make-up within that scope to allow for healthy discussion among security management peers (and to reduce the amount of stalking by consultants to a minimum – no offence to consultants!).

Here is a link to the event details for registration:


So, if you are a manager with security responsibilities, and would like to attend, or would like one of your security managers to attend, please feel free to register.

If you are not in Ottawa, but are interested in the possibility of a webinar-based version of this event, please let me know. I am also available to conduct live events on-site at your facility.

In summary, obtaining senior management’s support for security awareness through a focused session is one way we can turn a month (or even a week) into something that provides ongoing benefits through budgets, plans and commitments.

Scott Wright

The Streetwise Security Coach

Phone: 1-613-693-0997
Email: scott@streetwise-security-zone.com

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