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Use our self-assessment tool to find the solution you need…


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Use our self-assessment tool to find the solution you need…


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Being Proactive on Security Awareness

The best way to start building a security awareness program (if you have time) is to take some measurements to find out where your organization is right now. How well do employees understand the threats they may face, the safeguards they should use, or the vulnerabilities they may be causing?


Don’t have time to be proactive?

Whether you’re trying to address the findings of an audit, or have had a serious incident, the most important thing for you right now is to get something in place that can start correcting employee behavior to address the highest priority risks.


Scott Wright’s Security Views Blog

Think your mobile device can’t be held hostage? Think again.

Ransomware has evolved as a very dangerous threat to computers and networks. Becoming infected with ransomware is especially costly for businesses that rely on databases of constantly changing information for their daily operation, like hospitals and universities. So, we tend to think that only databases with very sensitive information are likely to be targeted for this kind of extortion by attackers.

On desktop computers, there were many ways in which attackers can get malware to encrypt your files and hold your computers hostage. But, while it’s somewhat harder for attackers to encrypt critical data on your mobile device there are a couple of new kinds of extortion that could hit you closer to home – forcing you to pay up to regain access to your mobile phone or tablet.

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This old email attachment icon signals a new danger

We all tend to know that email message attachments can be dangerous. There are many file types and associated icons we should actually be careful with. (There’s a link below that has a good list of ones to watch out for). But there’s a new technique used... read more

Why is the Security Team trying to trick us? – The #1 Pitfall of Employee Phishing Assessments

Many organizations are now starting to do internal employee phishing assessments to determine how vulnerable their team is to targeted phishing attacks. This is because phishing is one of the primary ways that ransomware makes its way into corporate networks – through emails targeted at employees who click on links or attachments. Your IT Security team can assess your organization’s vulnerability in this area by simulating attack emails, but with harmless links or attachments that can provide feedback to IT Security.

But when your IT Security team undertakes an employee phishing assessment initiative, there are many subtle decisions that must be made that can have in impact not only on the validity of the results, but on employee morale and trust. So, I’m creating a list of dangerous pitfalls to be avoided when implementing an employee phishing assessment program. Not fully considering the employees’ responses to these emails is probably the easiest landmine to step on, which can cause serious employee backlash, and put the program in jeopardy. Here’s the problem and the solution.

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