To secure your business’s future, start by building a Streetwise team.

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"Even with the best security technologies in place, it can be hard to operate a business securely." - Scott Wright

"Every good risk decision by an employee strengthens your culture and improves performance." - Scott Wright

"Every team has unique security awareness challenges." - Scott Wright

Solutions for transforming your current staff into your Dream Team

Security Awareness Education


Computer-Based Training Live In-Person Training Webinars

CBT’s starting from $35/employee/year


Security Awareness Assessment


Phishing Assessments USB Honey Stick Assessments

Managed Phishing Assessments starting at $8500/yr


Security Policy Development


Policy Review and Update New Policy Development


Professional Speaking Services


Workshops Retreats Conference sessions Keynotes


Being Proactive on Security Awareness

The best way to start building a security awareness program (if you have time) is to take some measurements to find out where your organization is right now. How well do employees understand the threats they may face, the safeguards they should use, or the vulnerabilities they may be causing?


Don’t have time to be proactive?

Whether you’re trying to address the findings of an audit, or have had a serious incident, the most important thing for you right now is to get something in place that can start correcting employee behavior to address the highest priority risks.


Scott Wright’s Security Views Blog

Why do so many people click on phishing email messages?

Your UPS delivery was missed... The IRS says you owe them thousands of dollars... You've reached your computer disk storage limit... Your Apple account information has been updated... and on and on. There are now dozens of common scenarios used by attackers to try to...

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Working with extremely sensitive data

A friend of mine is developing some complex software that he hopes to license to other companies. When I asked him how he was protecting it from being stolen by a competitor, I was impressed with his answer. He keeps the software he is developing on an external  drive...

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